Tony Greenman - Copyright, IP,  entertainment law in Israel

Tony Greenman - Copyright, IP, entertainment law in Israel

Welcome to our site Copyright and Partners, which is dedicated to intellectual property law, particularly copyright, trademarks and designs, entertainment and media law and internet law in Israel. The site is brought to you and edited by Tony Greenman, attorney at law and the legal team of Tony Greenman Law Offices.  Tony Greenman is the author of the textbook Copyright, which is a leading authority on the subject in Israel, as well as the 100 page chapter on Israel in Copyright Throughout the World (ed. Silke Von Lewinski, published by Thomson-West).

Israel has vibrant intellectual property and entertainment and media sectors. Israeli hi-tech companies are at the forefront of developments in the digital arena, Israeli films, television shows and formats, books and other cultural works have achieved prominence and regularly receive international recognition. Additionally, Israel has become a market for many foreign businesses who seek to protect their brands in our country.  The law in these fields is constantly developing. Our aim is to bring you primers and keep you updated on news an developments in the legal fields relevant to these areas and to provide information about Tony Greenman Law Offices, our team and the services we provide in these fields.

We hope you find the information provided useful and welcome your feedback.

The leading book on copyright law in Israel, cited in hundreds of court judgments, including over 25 citations by the Israeli Supreme Court.

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