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edited by Silke von Lewinski

Published by Thomson Reuters

Available on Westlaw.

Contains 100 page chapter on

Israel by Tony Greenman

attorney at law, with

discussion of all major issues of

copyight law in Israel, including:

works protected by copyright;

ownership of copyright;

rights of copyright owners;

limitations on rights;

moral rights;

neighboring rights;

copyright transactions;

collective management;

infringement of copyright;

remedies for infringement;

civil procedure;

criminal amd administrative


international aspects

and more.

Hundreds of cases cited.

Updated regularly.









tonyWelcome to our site Copyright and Partners, which is dedicated to intellectual property law, particularly copyrights and trademarks, entertainment and media law and internet law in Israel. This site is brought to you and edited by Tony Greenman, attorney at law and the legal team of Tony Greenman Law Offices.  Tony Greenman is the author of the textbook Copyrightwhich is a leading authority on the subject in Israel and has been cited by the Israeli courts hundreds of times, including in 25 Supreme Court judgments. He is also the author of the chapter on Israel in Copyright Throughout the World (ed. Silke Von Lewinski, published by Thomson Reuters).
Israel has vibrant intellectual property and entertainment and media sectors. Israeli hi-tech companies are at the forefront of developments in the digital arena, Israeli films, television formats, books and other cultural works achieved prominence and regularly receive international recognition. Additionally, Israel has become a market of foreign businesses who seek to protect their brands in our country.  The law in these fields is constantly developing. Our aim is to bring you primers and keep you updated on developments and news on intellectual property law, copyright, trademarks, entertainment and media law and Internet Law in Israel.  
The site also provides an introduction to Tony Greenman Law Offices, our team and the services we providw 
We hope you find the information provided useful and welcome your feedback.

newsGeorge Clooney is not a trademark:
 Nestlé is the owner of the Nespresso brand, under which it markets coffee capsules and espresso machines. George Clooney appears in a series of commercials for Nespresso, portraying himself in humorous situations, along side good looking actresses, all centering on Nespresso capsules and espresso machines.


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spotlightthumbMoral Rights: Israel’s Copyright Act grants moral rights to authors of works, other than computer programs and phonograms. Moral rights are personal rights which vest in the author, even in cases where copyright vests initially in a person other than the author. They may not be assigned, although they may be waived.   


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scalesThe FA Premier League Ltd. v. The Israel Sports Betting Council (Supreme Court)



The FA Premier League Ltd. v. The Israel Sports Betting Council (District Court)